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Sharebot SnowWhite is the Sharebot DLS (Direct Laser Sintering)professional 3D printer based on laser sintering technology which consists in the sinterization of thermoplastic powders realized by a laser, layer by layer. The main advantages of the laser sintering technology compared to other technologies are: the possibility to create objects of any desired shape, without using supports; the mechanical and thermal resistance of the realized objects; the possibility to use again the left-over materials.

The printer with its CO2 laser allows to use a wide range of professional thermoplastic powder, such as PA 12, PA 11 and TPU, which give specific properties to the realized objects. To handle particular requests, it is also possible to use charged powders which contain particles of other materials such as glass, carbon or aluminum, giving different physical, mechanical and visual properties to the final objects. SnowWhite has the aim to bring the advantages of the sintering process to the small and medium business and to technical laboratories not only in an economic, easy and efficient way, but also keeping a professional and high quality result.

It is a printer which allows the user to “print in a click” because after a material is profiled, the printing process is completely automatic and the results are fully reproducible. Compared to other printers based on the same technology, the first start lasts 10 minutes, which means that the time from the loading powder to the creation of the first layer is about 10 minutes.

The printer medium consumption is less then 1,5 Watt/h and all the left-over powder can be used again in the next printing process. The printer requires only 300 grams of powder to start working and the building speed can reach 25 mm/h.



Research & Development

The Sharebot Snowwhite 3D Sharebot printer is dedicated to universities,research centers and business departments of Research anddevelopment: the user has the ability tomodify and customize all theparameters available in the print job and can get log files with datadetected by the sensors during the printing process.

Sharebot is at your disposal toevaluate modifications and customizationsto meet the particular needs of universities and research structures involvedin the study and development of new materials or applications


Sharebot SnowWhite comes from the Sharebot open philosophy: our customers and users must be free to use the materials they prefer and they have to be free to test new materials and polymers with this kind of laser sintering tool.

Being free to use its own material, the user is also free to modify and even set its own settings and printing parameters: from the downloadable log file the user can control if the settings were good or not and change them.

Among the many materials (or materials types) compatible with SnowWhite:

  • PA
  • PA modified
  • TPU

Additional information


500 X 500 X 800 mm

Printing area

100 X 100 X 100 mm

Z Resolution

50 Micron

XY Resolution

100 Micron


Co2 – 14 Watt

Speed (Z-axis)

35 mm/h

Scan Speed

Good at 3500 mm/s

Chamber temp

<190 °C


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