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Sharebot Q is a professional 3D printer with an A3 format printing area (its dimension are: 400 x 300 x 300 mm) and it uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes with high quality and precision.

The printer allows to manage all the aspects of the printing process from the user’s remote device (computer, smartphone or tablet), optimizing the professional workflow; Q allows also to manage different operations at the same time from the same platform (even on different 3D printers) with just a click. Moreover The web interface gives the possibilty to monitor the printing process thanks to the integrated webcam.

Sharebot Q has an integrated spool-case system compatible with 750g spools and the special 2.2kg PLA-S filament, used by professionals. The printer has also a big useful case under the magnetic printing plate with another spool case integrated: the box can be used to store materials and tools useful for the printing process.

The printing process with Sharebot Q is easier thanks to a filament double dragging system with engines both on the extruder and next to the spool (bowden system) improving the extrusion. The professional user experience is also optimized by the filament sensor which control the operation, avoiding any failure in case of problem.




For modeling can also realize pre-production prototypes and can be part of the traditional manufacturing workflow, helping professionals and companies to save time and costs. Professionals use 3D printing to create models and samples for their customers: the technology allows to create objects in a quick and convinient way (all the models pictured in this page are shown exactly as they’ve been printed without any post-working).

Mechanical Engineering

Sharebot Q offers a wide range of high quality and realible solutions in the world of additive manufacturing and 3D printing to all the professionals workers of the mechanics and prototipation fields.

Sharebot Q is able to realize a prototype with the highest precision and resolution; with 3D printing is possibile to create any kind of shape and object, overcoming the obvious limits you have with traditional printing technology. Sharebot also provides a range of technical and professional materialswith special features, like the one pictured here: a big vortex made with NYLON-CARBON.


Case History

3D Printing for automotive

The idea to use 3D printing comes from the technology features (like total object customization and replicability) which allow to work on innovative solution for racing bikes. Racing motorcycling is a high competitive field where even the smallest detail can change race results and give you the victory over your competitors. According to Andrea (and we strongly agree with him) 3D printing also offer the possibility to create unique shapes with mechanical materials, the perfect combination for racing bikes prototypes and models.

Here we report the case of a complete fork kit: composed by many parts, they were made with Sharebot 42 in just 20 hours using PLA while seals and links were printed with TPU. He used this elastic materials because of great stress they have to support. Once printed, the object was tested and it didn’t show any problem.



PLA’s the most used 3D printing material, composed by a thermoplastic polymer derivated from corn and it’s biodegradable. PLA’s resistant and solid (avoiding the warping effect during the printing process) without retraction and deformation. Available in a lot of different colors, it doesn’t release any smell and it can be extruded at lower temperatures than any other material without having to heat the printing bed.


ABSolute® is a new generation ABS filament developed to give the best functioning material to the professional user. During the printing process there is no warpring effect and no retraction of the filament on the printing plate, avoiding any failure of your process. ABSolute® is the perfect materia for professsionals looking for high impact resistance and high temperature.


It is an elastic polymeric material that could be stretched and forced without damaging it: TPU will always come back to its original form. The filament is available in a lot of different colors and during the printing process it doesn’t give off any smell. You can find on our website a tutorial in order to learn how to print it.


Sharebot WOOD 3D printing filament is a mixture of modified PLA charged with true micronized wood powder. WOOD is printed at low temperatures and it can be easily carved with sand papers or tumbling machines after the printing process. Its porous texture allows to print it without using any primer so that the print can adhere on it.


Nylon-Glass is a material composed by a mix of nylon and glass fibers. The material allows to print precisie models with an excelent surface definition. It can be used in place of the common ABS thanks to its high resistance: our testers used it to realize mechanical functioning spare parts and prototypes. Because of its elastic components, the Nylon-Glass is very flexible and it can be bended without reaching the breaking point.


Nylon-Carbon is a high quality material. It’s composed by 2 different fibres: nylon and carbon. Nylon gives to the filament a high resistance while carbon gives lightness, making it very easy to print. The printed object are resistant, with opaque black color, slightly rough and with a light metallic look. Nylon-Carbon is ideal for manufacturing use.


PPis our easy to print general purpose low density Polypropylene. PP has been developed for optical clarity while maintaining mechanical performance and a superb layer adhesion. PP high stretch ability, decent flexibility and chemical/fatigue resistance makes it suitable for a variety of household articles and containers. PP can also be used for engineering articles such as living-hinges and snap-fit fastener materials. It’s a cost-effective all round filament suitable for a broad variety of needs.

Additional information


800 X 640 X 1440 mm

Printing area

400 X 300 X 300 mm

Z Resolution

50 Micron

Heated Printbed


Easy Detach System


Filament Sensor


Remote Process Management



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