Fun To Do Pigment set voor DLP en SLA 3D Resin van Fun To Do

Pigment Set contains four of 20ml dropper bottles of pigments.
The pigments are of our own design and produced by ourselves. The pigments are of the finest quality and have an exceptional fine particle structure. The four colours of the set enables you to mix any colour of the rainbow.

To give you an idea of the pigment strength, we use about 4ml red pigment per kg. to make our SB Red and our IB Red.

Usage: Just measure the amount of resin you need to fill your Vat. Slowly drip the amount of pigment to the resin (stir after every few drops) until you have reached the colour you want to achieve. Don’t forget to make a note of the amount of drops for future use.
You can mix the colours to make any other colour.
Don’t forget: You can always add some more pigments, but you can never take them out!

​Be careful not to spill, stains are very hard to remove. Wear gloves!

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

This product is specially made to be combined with the
FTD Resin SnowWhite and the FTD StandardBlend Resin