//FabKit Mk5

FabKit Mk5

5.500,00 Inc vat 6.655,00

  • DIY Laser cutter kit
  • Wood, Plastics, Textiles, Metals, Glass & More
  • Industrial Quality


What can I make with CO2 lasers?

When it comes to manufacturing and producing products with a laser cutter, a CO2 laser is by far the most diverse laser available. Able to process almost every material, your creativity is the only limit!
FabCreator lasers all house a high quality CO2 laser tube which is able to cut woods, plastics, fabrics and more with the only exception of metals, ceramics and stones which can only be engraved.

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The First Professional CO2 Laser kit
The FabKit MK5 is no ordinary laser cutter! Designed and manufactured in Eindhoven, Netherlands the FabKit is one of the most versatile machines on the market.

The FabKit offers a professional, opensource CO2 Laser system at a competitive price.

Perfect for small enterprises as well as professional makers and hobbyists!
The FabKit has been designed from the ground up ensuring the best possible CO2 laser cutting experience at the most affordable price!

Whether you are wanting to create one off designs or batch productions, the FabKit is the most powerful entry level manufacturing machine on the market.

With an unrivaled feature set, the FabKit is designed to provide makers with the maximum amount of versatility and control over their system.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the FabKit offers unprecedented value for money, providing an attractive and speedy return on investment.

Whether you are a community space, looking to start a new business or wanting to expand your existing production, the FabKit is the machine for you!

Additional information

Cutting Area

460 x 680 mm

Machine Size

1150 x 815 x 455 mm


LaserWeb, Fusion 360, CNC-pro

File Type


Operational Accuracy

+- 0.1mm

Max Cutting Depth

12mm Polar Ply, 6mm MDF, 6mm Acrylic


Standalone, WiFi, USB

Material Focus

Auto Focus, Mechanical sensor

Noise Level

Below 65dB

Power Usage

220-240VAC, 50Hz, 5A MAX


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