DWS Xfab

5.999,00 Inc vat 7.258,79

  • The first high-end 3D printer at a consumer price
  • Intelligent material changing
  • No tray cost




The delivery time of this printer is 3-4 weeks.


DWS produces industrial SLA machines for various industries, including dentistry, jewelery and industrial design.
The XFAB brings this knowledge to the desktop with a large construction area and a large number of compatible materials. Resin comes in intelligent cartridges with customized settings for each material. The included Nauta XFAB Edition software automatically produces support using parametric technology and the build plate with slots makes it easy to print a 3D model.


In the box

1X Construction platform with slots Ø mm 188 (usable mm 180)

1X Resin tank module RX180

1X Set of tools

1X NAUTA® XFAB® Edition software suite license

1X Operating instructions (English)

12-month limited warranty


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