Moonray Dental DLP 3D Printer


Accurate and fast, MoonRay makes it simple to print
precise dental models from intraoral or other 3D scans.
Let us guide you through the different applications of 3D
printed dental samples.


Waiting two weeks for a lab to fabricate and ship an interim denture is a thing of the past.
3D printing vastly reduces costs and gives you the flexibility to meet rising patient expectations

Female dentist with teeth x-ray on screen


Offering clear aligners in-office allows you to give patients the treatment
they want at a price they can afford. This application also allows you to
maintain your margins without compromising in quality. Using dental CAD
software, you can easily design their treatment plan and then execute the
printing of models that are not only useful for fabricating aligners, but also
for demonstrating progress to your patients.
Once known as a costly alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire
orthodontics, 3D printing enables you to fabricate clear aligners quickly and
at a fraction of the price of other methods.

3D Printing Procces for Aligners

From Digital Files to Print

1. Patient impressions sent to aligner lab for planning.
2. Aligner lab reviews and plans treatment.
3. High-resolution digital files are sent to doctor’s office.
4. Staff 3D prints models and fabricates aligners.
5. Patient receives aligner trays.


Typical 30-Tray Case

Aligner Vendor Lab Fee In-Office Production Fee Average In-Office Savings
€1200 – €1600 €345 €855 – €1255
3D printed surgical guide


Typical Surgical Guide

Dental Lab Fee Dental Lab Turnaround In-Office Material Cost In-Office Turnaround
€219 7 Days €3 Under 1 Hour


Ensuring that implants are precisely placed improves the surgical
experience for both patient and doctor. Receive all the clinical benefits of
guided surgery with incredible turnaround times and minimal material cost.
Due to the preciseness of the material, surgical drill sleeves can be inserted
immediately post print for increased surgical precision. Additionally the
material can be sterilized using standard autoclave protocols without
affecting dimensional stability of t

3D Printing Procces for Aligners

From Digital Files to Print
1. Start with CBCT and Digital Impressions scan.
2. Import scan files into software to design the guide.
3. Export the files to SprintRay software.
4. Orient and print surgical guide in less than one hour.
5. Post-cure and sterilize prior to placement.


Improve your denture offering with SprintRay 3D printers. With our
trusted software partners and service providers, you can fabricate
ready-to-wear interim dentures in a single day. If changes need to
be made, simply edit your 3D file and reprint a corrected model in
just a few hours.
3D printed parts created with class IIa biocompatible denture
material have significantly lower shrinkage factors than
conventional PMMA materials. Incorporating a 3D printer into your
digital denture workflow enables you to shorten delivery times and
reduce production costs, taking your practice to the next level.

Digital Denture Production

From Digital Files to Print
1. Capture and record a patient’s anatomy using an
intraoral scanner or other scanned data.
2. Design the denture using dental CAD software.
3. Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process
according to material requirements.
4. Deliver appliance as recommended.

3D printed Dentures


For a try-in

Dental Lab Turnaround Dental Lab Production In-Office Turnaround In-Office Cost Savings
Scan, lab production, test fitment,
fabricate final denture, delivery
Traditional Try-In Setup Scan, production, delivery
2 Weeks – 30 Days >€250 1-2 Days Save over 90%



3D printed crowns and bridges can be stained and
polished. Possessing high strength and resistance to wear
their superb balance of opacity and translucency make
printed crowns indiscernible between existing teeth.

✔ Print up to 70 crowns with incredible detail in 1 hour for about
60 cents each.

✔ Global accuracy of a crown is within ± 100 microns over 99
percent of the surfaces, when printed at 50μm layer thickness.


Orthodontic bonding trays assist the clinician in placing
orthodontic brackets in the ideal location and increase the
speed of bracket placement.

✔ Print indirect bonding trays in office in under 2 hours for about
€3,45 each.

✔ Global accuracy of a full arch is within ± 100 microns.


3D Print rigid occlusal guards and splints. With this
technology in-office, you can fabricate these common
dental appliances with incredible turnaround times and at
minimal material costs.

✔ Print night guards and splints in under 1 hour for about €2,60 each.

✔ Global accuracy is within ± 150 microns over 95 percent of the
surfaces when printed at 50μm layer thickness.


Quickly fabricate study models, restorative study models,
removable dies, digital wax up models, and models for
vacuum forming other appliances.

✔ Create bleaching trays and clear aligners.

✔ Print beautiful and precise models for about €2.00 each.

✔ Global accuracy across a full arch is within ± 100 microns
over 93 percent of the surfaces, when printed at 50μm layer